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A Wild and Furry Relay Race for Dogs!

We are a group of people with dogs, who like to have fun with other people with dogs,

and because the dogs have input, there are always balls involved! 

What Motivates You?

Tournament Schedule 2024



December 2-3, Ramona CA, SD Flyball host


February 3-4, Hurricane UT, Stampede host


March 16-17, Madera CA, Leap of Faith host


April 6-7, Fresno CA, Mutts in Motion host


May 3, Lindsay CA, Aaron Robbins Flyball Seminar

May 4-5, Lindsay CA, FFF host




January 20-21, Lindsay CA, Pacific Pups host 


February 17-18, Casa Grande AZ, Crazy Train host


March 9-10, Lodi CA, Pacific Pups host 


May 18-19, Lodi CA, Silver Streaks host

Don't Forget Your Flyball Decal,
a Coastal Express Flyball Exclusive!

This awesome vinyl decal is $10 + 1.00 shipping. The decal measures 6" x 3.5" and can be placed on any glass ​or smooth surface. The actual decal is white with everything else clear. Pick up is available if we are at the same tournament, so please contact us to confirm! Decal shown on car window below.
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