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Learn Flyball...Your Dog Will Jump for Joy!

Flyball is a team relay race for dogs. It consists of 4 jumps, a spring loaded box that launches a ball when triggered by a dog’s paws, and 4 reved-up dogs eager to beat the team racing next to them!

Requirements: Dogs must be at least 3 months of age and should be in good physical health. Your first visit is a “meet and greet”. Bring your dog for a quick introduction to us and the sport.

How Do We Teach Flyball? Flyball should be some of the most fun you and your dog will ever have together! It is important when teaching new skills that the training is always positive and not stressful for you both. Very small, soft food treats work best as a high reinforcement. Corrections are not helpful when training new skills, instead just try again. We always want your dog to succeed. Remember that your dog may not learn as quickly as another, so don’t be discouraged.

What You Can Work On at Home! A fast, solid recall is very important. We will be showing you how to work on a FAST recall. When your dog returns from the box with a ball, you will need to find something else the the dog really wants to exchange the ball for. A tug toy works the best. We can show you how to build your dog’s tug drive. Work on conditioning your dog.

Play lots of ball, or whatever it takes to keep your dog moving. Swimming is a terrific muscle and stamina builder. 

Items to Bring to Class & Training

  • Water for your dog

  • Anything that highly motivates your dog, a treat, a toy, food.

  • A positive state of mind...your dog knows!

Have Fun with Your Dog & Enjoy!

What is a "Box Turn" & Why Do We Care So Much?

The ideal box turn looks like a swimmer’s turn, where the impact of the dog hitting the box is distributed over all 4 legs. This enables the dog to catch the ball and turn simultaneously, while pushing off with the hind legs for the fastest possible turn. Equally important, a good box turn prevents shoulder injuries. A lot of time and effort will go into teaching a good box turn.


Flyball's Toughest Job!

  • OK, When the dog turns left, that’s my right…

  • 1st dog gets a big ball on the left…

  • 2nd dog gets a small ball on the right…

  • Then it’s the PINK SQUISHY ball on the right…

  • And finally a big ball on the left…

  • Wait…when did they change the running order?!?

Class Enrollment & Schedule

Classes & training sessions are held on Saturday mornings in San Diego. 
For information, call  (760) 529-6376 or email Vicki Armstrong 

Examples of Some Training Techniques
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